So it’s been a while as always, I have to get better with this. I am not very consistent as you can tell. I have no excuses, no quick wit quotes to help convey why I haven’t been writitng.  All I have to say my inspiration was gone, I had none. Nothing. Zip. Once thats gone, writing is a bitch. I tried to forget about it and focus on other things but it would not let me go. I’m glad it didn’t, because I must say I have used this time to grow as a person. I know i’m not perfect and I have not always done the right thing but I always make sure I make things right in the end. So..this is what I’m doing. It’s funny because I never know who reads these posts or if they go unheard like a distant voice in the wind. I have a lot to get off so please get comfortable. There is one thing I must say and that person knows who they are, Thank You. I never forgot…So this year lets start off things right. And I hate to be the typical cliche person every year saying all the changes that will come but in reality the truth is nothing changes, just better excuses. 




I’m up and I have so much to say but nothing is coming out.

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